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The project that we present to you today corresponds to a small reform work in a traditional house between party walls in Tolox (Málaga). The second floor of the building, formerly used as a barn, was in disuse, presenting important deficiencies, particularly in the wooden beams and straps of the roof, so its owners decided to demolish it and replace it with a sloping concrete roof, recovering said space for the use of housing relief.
The work is nearing completion, and we wanted to make a summary of the process, so that you can have a global vision of our work. For this reason, we show you photographs of the previous state, during the course of the work and plans of the reform, general and detailed.

Tolox 1Tolox 2

Tolox 3

Tolox 4

Tolox 5

Tolox 6

Tolox 7

Tolox 8

Tolox 9

Tolox 10

Tolox 11

Tolox 12

Tolox 13

Tolox 14

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