Nuestro equipo de arquitectos en Marbella


González & Jacobson Arquitectura has an extensive and reputable career development, both within a national and international scope, throughout over 25 years of history comprising all fields of architecture, planning, landscape and interior design.

Over these years, one of our greatest achievements has been to consolidate a high-performance multidisciplinary team made up of magnificent professionals directed by the architects Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez.

We develop an active architecture characterized by its extraordinary versatility, creating designs whose DNA carries the distinct mark and spirit of González & Jacobson Arquitectura.

The careful attention to details, the harmonious selection of materials and colours, the interplay of light and shadow make the difference and give our designs a unique personality that evokes feelings and make them really distinctive.

Based on our attention to everyday details and our passion for creating, we develop high-quality, unique, functional and innovative designs that respectfully blend in with the surrounding landscape, implementing the key principles for an effective and sustainable architecture.

One of the most valuable features of our architecture is our responsibility to the world in which we live, understanding the architecture as an ever-changing service to humans. A valuable tool able to change and improve our society, whom we should listen to and watch as a key factor to understand how they live and identify their true needs.

Avoiding any false artifice, we turn our clients’ dreams into a reality that distils sensations, an architecture of emotions.

Our commitment and respect to our clients is absolute. Our priority is, undoubtedly, being able to empathize and interact with them to respond to their needs and wishes, designing nice scenarios for the development of their lives.

Our aim is to offer them a customized design that represents them, with which they feel fully identified, where spaces and the interplay of volumes become their faithful reflection, the expression of their way of living and feeling.

To this end, we engage our customers actively in the whole process, making them feel like the true protagonists.

Every request for a design that we receive becomes a new challenge that we face with the same enthusiasm as on the first day, another chance to continue growing both as professionals and humans.

Each and every one of our designs is inspired not only on our own experience and professional background, but also on the close relationship, cooperation and dialogue with our designs’ target clients, with whom we build a very special bond that continues in crescendo as we develop our creative process.

Another of our key principles is our way of understanding architecture; our high self-demanding nature drives us to give the best of ourselves, reinventing us again and again in every design project.

For Rodolfo and Diego, architecture is a continuous journey of learning, where imagination, experience, sensitivity, honesty, ethics and creativeness join together to give rise to unique designs, with their own identity, able to evoke feelings and make those living in them feel happier.

Our Architecture Studio Design Firm

Has over 25 years turning projects into reality.



We dedicate our unique vision and sensitivity to each project.


We combine our designs with our years of international experience.


We have a solid reputation in the philosophy of how we develop each project.


We can anticipate and solve any problems that may arise during the implementation phase of the project.

Our Offices


Urbanización Hacienda Las Chapas,
Carretera Nacional de Cádiz 340, km. 193
29604, Marbella, Málaga, España.


Anillo Vial Fray Junípero Serra,
Privada Arboledas, 20, 76140
Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico