Brilliant ideas for an exceptional villa

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About to finish with the construction of this family home designed by González & Jacobson Architecture in Marbella, El Rosario.
Design, functionality, durability, beauty, sustainability are some of the virtues that an architecture project must include. Concepts that the González & Jacobson Architecture Studio always bears in mind.

Villa en el Rosario Marbella Diseno Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura

The details in a design make the difference and distinguish one design from another. Example these pergolas (columns/pillars attached to structures) that have been installed in the construction of this modern villa, creating unique and functional spaces to enjoy porches and terraces throughout the year.

Villa en el Rosario Marbella Diseno Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura

In addition to the essential aspects of the architecture, the architecture should also be useful, although its usefulness depends on several factors. It must also evoke and provoke emotions and sensations.

And in the end we must not forget that architecture has a basic ingredient, it is aimed at the people, at the people in charge of living and coexisting in and with these spaces. So when designing, thinking about it and your goal is vital.

González & Jacobson architecture designs projects and Villas for the demand of today’s people and with a vision of the future, where the environment matters and the application of new technologies is the key to optimizing and perfecting the provision of services and daily activities that take place in them.

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