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In GONZÁLEZ & JACOBSON architecture, we have a place reserved for creative, our path may be described as exemplary, for the quality of our proposals, for the innovation of our projects, for our commitment to harmonize with the environment and respect of the landscape.


In these more than 20 years of working together, Diego Macías Domínguez y Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson have written a page of realities built with blows of creativity, obtaining works with global dimensions, covering all aspects related to architecture either it is landscaping, interior or developer design. Nothing is left to hazard, because their vision of architecture always maintains a holistic perspective, as well as an aesthetic, individualized and practical goal.
Our work maintains ties with the Mediterranean, assuming the tradition with assurance and adapting it without superficial trivializations to current needs. Large open spaces to the outside, the magnitude of the terraces, the exterior modeling, the tile incorporation, lattice work, wood in finishing and facades, we talk about sensibility in recreations, as well as the luminosity, the climate composition and the use of nature. It is an architecture tribute to our environment, to maximize the chances of leisure, which aims to ensure a peaceful and pleasant life, subtle and sensual.


With this architectural manifestation we add to the landscaping presentation an example of our complexes which always aspire to a minimum of environmental impact and maximum of paradisiacal expression. The projects draw peace, beauty and wellness, like emerging islands from the greens of an ordered landscape, without major topographical changes. This is how our joint transmit hedonistic sensations with harmony and bucolic images.


It is a way of life in an idealized world in symbols, even though practical in the functional. Our work on the internal distribution, the indoor-outdoor relationship, finishing, the quality of the materials, leaves no doubt on our professional ability, of a team that has raised the architecture as a complex world on the technical, while simple on the objectives. Our architectural designs and proposals are a good bet for happiness.

Our Architecture Vision

For over 20 years making projects happen


Quality Proposals

We maintain an integrated perspective and also individually with all our customers.



We maximizing the potential with the aim of a live peaceful and pleasant, subtle and sensual.



Our commitment to harmonize with the environment always aspires to minimal environmental impact and maximum expression paradise.



Our projects are transformed into islands that emerge among the greenery landscape ordained by common sense.

Our commitment to the


In GONZÁLEZ &; JACOBSON we join the landscape exhibition with the presentation of our sets, we always aspire to minimal environmental impact and maximum expression paradise. Because our developments draw peace, beauty and wellness, because our homes are transformed into islands that emerge among the greenery of an ordered by common sense, without major changes topographical landscape that is how our joint transmit hedonistic feelings, harmony and bucolic images .

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