First concepts of Staircase for contemporary Villa

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We can bring the garden inside the house.
First design concepts for a staircase in a contemporary villa in Rosario, Marbella.

The design team of the González & Jacobson Architecture studio proposes for this villa to bring the garden inside the house and make a small landscaping/planter under the stairs, an ideal option as it is a free space that lends itself to giving it free rein. to creativity.

The staircase is not only an essential structural element for circulation between the different levels of a house, it has now become an architectural piece in itself, where interior architects seek a unique design that is incorporated into the decorative style of the house. house and where a garden can be the perfect complement.

Diseno de Escaleras con Jardinera para villa - Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura

Different styles, elements and plants can be used in this space, everything will depend on the objective pursued and the amount of light that prevails in the area.

Carrying out landscaping projects inside a house sometimes involves carrying out small constructions, anticipating installations and solving construction details that will make the design a good job where everything works correctly.

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