Design and engineering go hand in hand. Screen work in Quercus

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Many times the design intrinsically involves a great work of engineering to be able to carry it out.
Proof of this is the screen construction work that the González & Jacobson architecture studio is carrying out in Quercus del Real de la Quinta in Marbella, calculated by CQD.

Quercus en Real de la Quinta con diseno de Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura
Quercus en Real de la Quinta

Diaphragm Walls constitute a type of very deep Foundation that acts as a retaining wall and offers many advantages in terms of cost savings and greater surface development. Also to retain, strengthen land and prevent it from slipping or as underground water barriers.

In addition to the design of a building, structural engineering plays a very important role, it involves the analysis of the structures, supports, towers, walls to be used and built so that our design is viable and can be sustained now and over time safely and without risks of any kind.

Nowadays, complex buildings can be designed and erected thanks to the help of computers and computer programs, excellent tools for designing, projecting and calculating all kinds of supplies, materials and costs that the building needs.

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