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Real de La Quinta is set to be the first urbanization in Spain to obtain the prestigious BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) certificate, the most technically advanced method for assessing and certifying building sustainability worldwide.
The Breeam certification contributes to improving the level of sustainability of construction in Spain by promoting the best practices and technologies available on the market.

And in line with this commitment is the work of González & Jacobson Architecture.

What are the objectives of the Certificate?

1.- Improve the environmental performance of buildings, reducing their environmental impacts during construction and the life of the building.

2.- Recognize and promote the best market practices.

3.- Highlight and disclose the economic benefits of sustainability to stakeholders and customers.

4.- Provide a complete method for measuring and monitoring the environmental performance of buildings.

5.- Consider all areas of sustainability, that is, the economic, environmental and social pillars.

6.- To be a market reference, going ahead of current environmental legislation and at the same time being a differentiating factor.

What are the benefits of the Certificate?

1.- Reduction of its impact on the environment and greater comfort and health for those who live, work or use the BREEAM building, through measures such as air quality, lighting and noise levels or exterior views.

2.- Greater profitability for those who build, operate and/or maintain the building: among the direct benefits for users, homes with BREEAM Certification reduce energy consumption by 50-70%, water consumption by up to 40%, and operating and maintenance costs between 7-8%.

3.- Promotes a more sustainable construction that has repercussions in economic, environmental and social benefits for all the people linked to the life of the building.

4.- Transfers the corporate social responsibility of the company to society and the market in an unequivocal and easily perceptible way, minimizing the environmental impact and respecting the environment.

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