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New images of the villa that we have just completed in the La Cala de Mijas Urbanization, in the heart of the Costa del Sol golf valley.
Today is the turn of the interiors where you can appreciate the interesting carpentry work carried out. Undoubtedly, wood has been one of the main materials in this project, providing the interior design with the warmth sought by its owners, who want to turn this residence into a cozy and comfortable home.

And, as we already mentioned, the best views of the landscape surrounding the villa have been sought, achieving magnificent panoramic views from the living room.

Soon we will show you some more details of this house that our clients already enjoy.

1 Casa La Cala-002

2 Casa La Cala-008

3 Casa La Cala-141

4 Casa La Cala-143

5 Casa La Cala-160

6 Casa La Cala-158

7 Casa La Cala-201

8 Casa La Cala-163

9 Casa La Cala-019

10 Casa La Cala-116

11 Casa La Cala-051

12 Casa La Cala-005

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