urbanización La Cala Golf en Mijas, Arquitectos en Málaga ppal

La Cala Golf





The land on which we operate has an area of 4021 M². The total constructed area is of 1808 M² above ground and 729 M² below ground for parking and storage.


The design comprises a total of 16 townhouses on the golf course and pool area with common bathrooms located in the central area of the plot.


These townhouses in Mijas, to supply and reach the aesthetic and functional demands of the housing market have fulfilled perspectives and specific requirements. The houses are highly compositioned within a successful small distribution of spaces. Nothing has been left to chance because common sense has set the trace and its representation.




La Cala Golf urbanization in Mijas, Malaga, is a highly detailed and thoroughly studied architectural project of collective single family homes.


A project of 16 townhouses that were adapted to uneven land and environmental characteristics. A design in which urban strategy is fundamental. As part of a complex, homes should not lose their privacy and so Spanish architects consider it very essential.


Houses maintain a common design line but each is different from the other, by the fact they have to adapt to the terrain and respect the privacy of buildings nearby. Architects present them in detached groups of maximum four homes.


They are designed with parking in the basement, living room and kitchen in ground floor, bedrooms upstairs and a sun deck at the rooftop. A simple configuration that works perfectly in this kind of housing. A common outdoor space serves all homes.


The Spanish architects have designed different options for the composition of the elevations . One more open to outward, the other with more curved volumes and a third with more rectilinear volumes. The final proposal could be an alternation of the different options to give an image of more elaborate and attractive complex.


Each house would have the same benefits as the other but shows different from the outside. With the coating materials happens the same: different options are proposed playing with stone, glass and wood.

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Semi-detached houses and swimming pool area.
Plot B1.1, Urb. La Cala Golf Mijas, Malaga, Spain