Hotel Ecológico para RDM EXPRESS en Queretaro Mexico
Hotel Ecológico para RDM EXPRESS en Queretaro Mexico

Ecological Hotel

Ecological Hotel project with curved roofs where some batteries of solar panels are located that will serve as energy support for the whole building.



The architecture becomes fantasy in this project in this Hotel for RDM EXPRESS  in Queretaro, Mexico. A bold design and elegant gives shape to a hotel mainly composed of a single elongate piece wrapped in turn by a curved roof that goes down to the floor and rests lightly on him. A contrast between straight lines and curves, static and dynamic. Over this curved roof are placed some solar panel batteries that will provide energetic support to the whole building.


The main piece that houses the program of the project is presented with some clear aesthetically simple facades, rhythmic in the appearance of the hollows. Flat facades, with no elements, that throw shadows, as sober as elegant in it presence. The image transmitted by this principal part fits as enhancing element of the second part, much more chaotic and dynamic. A balance between the two elements occurs. They could not understand the project without one of the two. They complement so, that one wraps the other, gives protection from the sun, marks the main entrance and has integrated part of the energetic support.


This study seeks the contemporary architecture in their designs, the ultimate expression in form and perfect integration of their work with the environment. Adapting their proposals to the different cultures of the places is very important issue to this study and never loosing their identity of their work a goal. The experience of have been working in different countries is a guarantee of success.