Villas en Guadalmina Arquitectos en Marbella
Villas en Guadalmina Arquitectos en Marbella 2
Villas en Guadalmina Arquitectos en Marbella
Villas en Guadalmina Arquitectos en Marbella 2

Villas in Guadalmina de Marbella

Design concept for 10 independent Villas in Guadalmina, Marbella, Malaga


In this opportunity, González & Jacobson Architecture presents a preliminary design concept for 10 independent Villas in Guadalmina, Marbella, Malaga, on an area of 14,225.63M2.


The design presents contemporary facades, decorative, respectful with the environment and its surroundings, using colors and elements that combine perfectly with light and landscaping, achieving a perfect harmony between spaces and textures.


Within the design concept, 2 options are presented:


OPTION 1 (10 villas)

10 single-family homes composed of Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor and roof top floor.


The Ground Floor will have a vestibule or main Hall, a volume of stairs to access the remaining levels and a toilet. The central area will be occupied by a spacious living room and a dining room, both connected to two porches facing the private garden with swimming pool. In the East wing, there will be a kitchen with laundry and in the west wing a bedroom and bathroom. The house will have an outdoor parking, with pergola, located at the southeast end.


In the upper level will be located three bedrooms: one main with its bathroom and dressing room that will occupy the east wing and the two remaining bedrooms with their respective bathrooms in the west wing, in the central area of the plant a small studio.


In the rooftop, floor a terrace with Jacuzzi.


The basement of these homes will be diaphanous.


This first option contemplates the development of 10 homes, with the program of needs described above, differing with each other only in the size of areas to meet with the urban Buildable parameters. The surface of the plots varies from 1000m2 to 2000m2 and with them the amount of buildable square meters (between 350 M2 and 650 M2) and terrace.


OPTION 2 (7 villas + 7 townhouses)

This option contemplates the development of 7 single-family homes (described in option 1) and 7 semi-detached houses distributed in Ground Floor, Upper Floor, Roof and Basement.


The ground floor will have a main hall, the volume of stairs, a toilet, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen with outdoor patio. The upper floor will house three bedrooms, a master bedroom with dressing room, bathroom and terrace and two bedrooms that share the same bathroom.


In the Basement will be located a Parking with capacity for two vehicles, a Game Room, a Storage and a Bathroom.


The design concept for these homes in Guadalmina, is modern and contemporary, not only attractive to the eye but also meets all the functions required to live comfortable, practical and in harmony. Everything begins with the obtained briefing. All the information, ideas, needs and requirements are adapted to a design that meets the characteristics of the terrain and its enclave. Locating the house in the ideal place and with the best orientation is essential for the use of light. Playing with the uneven terrain and spaces will evoke different sensations and help maintain privacy. Creativity and the right chose of elements is necessary and reflect of the experience of the Architects.


Lattices, stones, inclination of volumes on the façade, glass ceilings, and dark parapets, exuberant and Mediterranean vegetation decorate the structure and make it an unmistakable place. A place of reference.




This architectural studio in Marbella has designed a variety of luxury homes throughout the Costa del Sol. Both in Spain and in Mexico, Morocco and in many other countries, its architecture adapts to the conditions of the place, to the culture and to the materials found there, always maintaining the identity of its work. Having worked in so many different environments has only enriched their projects and creativity when dealing with them.
With these 2 design concept options, these single family homes, VILLAS IN GUADALMINA DE MARBELLA, are a good example of González & Jacobson Arquitectura trajectory and experience.