Urbanización Pueblo del Río en Marbella

Pueblo del Rio






Urban development, architecture and landscape.


The land on which we worked has a surface of 19,000 M². The constructed area is 11,000 M² above ground and 4,500 M² in the basement for parking and storage.


The projected consists of 9 buildings with a total of 79 apartments and a pool area. A singularity of the project is its location along the river-bed, hence its name.


This small town of Rio Real is a retreat from the urban racking,it is a place of community life, active leisure sports possibilities, a group of houses that avoids the monotony with flexible volumes to match the best perspective and with wide fronts that are incorporated into the surrounding nature without breaks. A contemplative life with a clear horizon, a nearby natural environment and an architecture compliant that adds to the landscape without high-soundings.




Pueblo del Río is a community of collective single-family housing composed of 9 blocks and a total of 79 apartments. As the main feature of this project we could say that it is built around a river and outside the city, away from urban noise and racking. This will condition positively, the whole image of the complex. An image of small architectural pieces surrounded by a green mantle, protected by tall trees and vegetation in every corner.


The housing blocks, not exceeding more than 3 floors, appear to be almost single-family homes instead of a set of houses grouped in a block. Elegant access porches that cast shadows on which private terraces are formed. Resource that we see repeated in each building of the development. The architects also transmit an image of traditional architecture with materials commonly used in the area and stylistic resources of the place, all without losing the contemporary line that characterizes their work. It Is complex to maintain a modern and contemporary line of design without producing an uprooting of architecture, but this study has made ​​many successful projects on these issues and has played with these elements and variables.


Pueblo del Rio, in Marbella, Málaga, has proved to be a great example of residential architecture in the Costa del Sol. A full of life development that has managed to meet all the needs of its customers and residents in an environment of marvellous.

  • AÑO :
6 blocks of multi-family dwellings, 26 semi-detached dwellings and swimming pool areas.
Urb. Gol Rio Real, Parcelas “F” Y “G”, Marbella, Malaga, Spain.