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The land on which we operate has an area of 13,000 M².


The built area is 9,000 M² above ground and 2,200 M² in the basement for parking and storage.


The project consists of 2 blocks, a total of 56 apartments and a pool area.


The buildings are placed on top of a hill, taking advantage of the views to the river and the golf course. Its facades conquer the outside with a clever alternation of volumes, recesses, overhangs and chamfers, with spacious and private terraces. All powered by a friendly and simple color range.


The plastic expression in architecture is an unavoidable task for professionals which avoid monotony and are committed to creativity. If, moreover, this representation is the result of a reflection on models close to the tradition, accommodating types and actual materials. Altamira is certainty a refelexion of these characters and a representation of the indigenous.




Altamira urbanization is located in Marbella, Malaga, and composed of two blocks of 56 flats in total. This project is part of a long list of successful works on the Andalusian coast. The blocks have 3 levels high plus the ground floor, placed on a large plinth built with small retaining stone walls.


The situation of the built parts are designed to shelter the pool area and common activities. Thus, the buildings protect the private open areas, isolating them of the roads that surround the set. Each decision is product of consistency and with this system achieves a functional and enjoyable spaces and circulations.


Much of the difficulty of this project were the slopes of the plot. The architects have learned to use these changes to their favor and order this different spaces in horizontal plans. Over some plans are set the buildings, on other plans the vegetation and in the most extensive one the pool area, etc.


In the formal image of the project, appear some lines of strong design related to the place, stylistic devices associated with the culture belonging to this area. In fact, It is a characteristic of this architectural firm, to work with materials, techniques and resources related to the areas involved. This way the projects will always have a special element, making the work unique and belonging to the place.

2 Bloques de Viviendas Plurifamiliares y Área de Piscina
Urb. Altamira, Rio Real, Marbella, Malaga