Residencial Teatinos, en Las Morillas, Málaga ppal

Residencial Teatinos





The land on which we operate has an area of 4,000 M².


The total constructed area of 3,100 M² above ground and 1,100 M² in basements for parking and storage.


The design and project of the building comprising a total of 26 apartment. It is built in a H form, connecting both apartment modules with a central circulation area.


In this complex, nature breaks into the ground floor of the building, sharing its intimacy with the privacy of their owners. The climatic advantages of the project, the gaining benefits of the common areas and the belief of living in a privileged and unique place are confirmed by the spectacular grandeur of its façade and quality in design.




Teatinos residential complex, in Las Morillas , Malaga, Costa del Sol, is played with the traditional idea of collective single family housing and it is given one more turn. In this new approach provided by architects, interior patios of each block have their prominence, which are sensed from the outside.


These inner free spaces provide normally only ventilation and access. In this project are common meeting points, full of greenery and light. They are illuminated as vertically as by large holes made on the facade. This whole system is guessed from the outside due to the appearance of the vegetation in the elevations.


The floor plan of the building is thoroughly studied, in order that each home, regardless of their position in the plan, enjoys the best conditions. The strategy of a floor plan in H, places the vertical communications core in the center of the two patios, minimizing the distance towards each home. In addition it increases the perimeter of the building, increasing in turn the contact surface of the housing with the outside.


Pedestrian access to the block is via the gardens, thus leaving an entry with more authority and attractiveness.


These architects have a long experience in architectural design of residential complexes and know how to make the most of the starting conditions. They avoid conventional ideas and undertake in a creative way the project as a challenge. This is the success formula of their work along the Costa del Sol.

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Blocks of multi-family dwellings and swimming pool area.
Plot Rp.4a, Las Morillas, Malaga