Complejo residencial de Villas en Albolote, Granada 2

Albolote – Granada





We are faced with a proposal for a residential complex in Granada consists of a small set of semi-detached homes.


The architects have ordered subdividing the land into rectangular plots in which the semi-detached homes are located. Each plot has two homes plus a landscaped pool area.


The concept of management is traditional, but made with contemporary architecture and the latest trends. Characteristic materials of the place make elegant volumes fit together like a puzzle wear involved. Thus, the elevations are filled with depth due to small corbels that are generated between the pieces, casting elegant shadow planes to the façade.


Spaces with less privacy turn to the garden and pool area to enhance the relationship between inside and outside and melt the boundaries of the house with its surroundings. The most private rooms are located upstairs to keep away from gaze of foreigners.


Despite being symmetrical semi-detached houses, the image shown is not completely symmetrical. The designers have filled with nuances the elevations, drawing them different to express an image of a set and not to look like a conventional symmetry. Curved and rectilinear volumes, high parts with low, incomings and outgoings are mixed, as well as a play with textures is present in the design.


Contrasting concepts and highlighting one over the other. Each element is essential to not break the balance and harmony of this residential complex in the city of Granada in the province of Malaga, Spain.

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Residential complex
Albolote – Granada