Paisajismo en Las Terrazas La Cala Golf, en Mijas Málaga 2

Terrazas del Golf

Paisajismo en Las Terrazas La Cala Golf, en Mijas Málaga
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This project has been carried in depth. It involved design, planning, development and landscaping. Each element in the landscaping project is delicately designed to become part of a greater whole. They are small pieces, carefully placed to compose a premier residential complex.


Las Terrazas La Cala Golf, Mijas, Malaga is a housing complex closely related to La Cala Golf. These 34 townhouses together with its gardens, communal areas and pools, are inserted in a beautiful environment created by a beautiful nice tour you can fallow along paths through the small streets that surround them.


These landscape architects in Spain design from small cozy and intimate spaces to large open spaces with slender palms. There is a balance between vegetal elements that are chosen and the places they occupy. Everything is provided and in harmony because it has been studied carefully.


These architects have applied the knowledge gained through years working in various countries. They have exerted as landscape architects in Brazil, Mexico and Morocco. In each place they have gained experience and learned techniques that they have later used in new projects.


This group of professionals is constantly learning and continually challenged to practice the techniques they have achieved in the most current and contemporary designs. The fact of carrying out projects in countries as diverse, with so many different cultures, contributes greatly to make their experience richer and have a better command of landscaping.