Edificio Residencial   Hercesa en Queretaro Arquitectos en Mexico

Residencial Hercesa





The land on which we operate has an area of 10.111.38 M².


The total computable build area of 6410 M² is above ground and basement 2.472M2.


For this project are posed several design parameters that must be taken into account during all phases of the project. These are:


  • .- Creation of the Main entrance portal of the complex and access to development, to give private image and character to the community.
  • .- Creation of green areas to have a visual and sound barrier between the road corridor and the buildings of the complex.
  • .- The creation of a private road to parking areas and supplement with additional parking.
  • .- Avoid displaying full road from the social areas of housing.
  • .- Take advantage of the topography to provide movements to the buildings and place them at the same time so do not bother visually.
  • .- Concentrate service areas (pools) for better utilization and maintenance.




All parameters mentioned are coordinated by this architects in Mexico and other professionals in order to make the housing complex function in a proper way and can enhance all the virtues it possesses.


It is a project designed for a land in Mexico. Thanks to the versatility of Gonzalez & Jacobson and their experience in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Angola, Bulgary, etc., they have the necessary skills to translate their architecture and adapt it to each culture without losing the identity of their work.


In this urbanization are planned six story blocks that are designed on the first floor as a basement, clad in stone to give a greater sense of massiveness. From this base on, the block acquires a white color, with large windows that do not follow a particular order, but keep a right proportion. In certain floors appear balconies as gazebo with wooden lattice terminations. The buildings top are covered with an inclined topping of ceramic tiles in some cases and in others with a flat cover.


None element appears as protagonist. It is the sum of all that makes the rebels full of movement, with a nice play of lights and shadows motivated by incoming and outgoing volumes of the façade.


The location, position of the blocks was determinate in order not to cover the view of any of the buildings and to maintain a similar orientation between them so that everyone has an equal chance of getting the sunshine. The Large common areas are located near the main shaft for greater and better accessibility.

  • AÑO :
Apartment buildings.
Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico