Las Lomas de Marbella

Las Lomas de Marbella





In Marbella the land on which we operate has an area of 3,630 M².


The total constructed area of buildable computable purposes is 28,971 M² above ground and 12,000 M² in the basement.


We design a building complex that comprises a total of 190 houses, divided in 19 apartment blocks.


The position of the buildings within the plot is imposed in a way because of the features of the plot, placing the buildings aligned and oriented towards the south in order to enjoy the best views.


The buildings architectural spirit is marked by three fundamental concepts, the functionality and guidance coupled with a more contemporary, aesthetics and new architecture

, according to new trends in this area. But not because of that it meant to be disconnected with the stylistic context and the traditional Andalusia Costa del Sol.


The complex has two entrances: one main access will be through an existing road belonging to the village, located northwest of the plot and that leads to a small roundabout. The second entrance located north of the site. On the existing street will be born a vial that will travel internally to its southern boundary plot and through which pedestrian and vehicles can access to the remaining buildings.




The presentation of this housing complex in an excellent location, COSTA DEL SOL, with splendid views, allows these architects exploit in this project their best qualities. Las Lomas de Marbella gives us a wonderful presence and also a correct answer towards urban aspects. It is an organized complex based around streets that respond to the topography of the land, accessible, simple in design but complex in its execution, with a spatial distribution that maximizes it possibilities.


The design of the whole building is approached from a very contemporary view. For the facades are used materials such as glass, metalwork and finishing in different types of stone. Terraces volumes with shapes of prisms fly over each other. Although the housing distribution can be symmetrical but it is not reflected in the façade, in which symmetry can be seen, making much more attractive the elevations of the complex.


The component parts of the elevations look lighter as they gain altitude. Consistency has led these Marbella architects to set a heavier visual level shown as basement, over it more openings that seem lighter.


Having worked as architects in various developments in Marbella, Malaga, make them perfectly dominate the field of architectural design in collective housing. Reason why this residential area in Marbella is a complete project and takes care in all areas, from setting the scale up to the smallest detail.

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Multi-family housing blocks and swimming pool area
Urbanization Las Lomas de Marbella, Plot “C”, Polygon Urp-Rr-3 Y 4 (T) Marbella, Malaga, Spain