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GONZÁLEZ & JACOBSON ARCHITECTURE, present in Concourse of design concept – ideas for a Mediterranean Town in "Soto de la Resina", Estepona, Malaga for Kronos Group.


Estepona used to be a fishing village. Over the years, it has become a small city with more than 70 thousand inhabitants, where different nationalities cohabit and where tradition goes hand in hand with the incorporation of modern architecture. Opening to the future and modernity, without losing its roots and Mediterranean airs that love us so much, giving spaces to new projects of contemporary lines.


Like so many other locations, Estepona is being an investment site. Site where real estate promoters are betting to develop their architecture projects.


The real estate project presented by the architectural studio of GONZÁLEZ & JACOBSON is composed of a total of 175 apartments divided into two phases, each one of 6 blocks arranged on an irregular terrain and of uneven topography with 23 meters of unevenness. Phase I is located in the lower part of the plot as well as 3 pools. Phase II, on the highest part. In addition to the housing the blocks, the paddle tennis courts and the children's play area will also be present in this area. Between both phases, there will be areas for multiple uses such as gyms, spa, indoor pool, meeting room, etc.


The topography of the plot itself creates clear lines of implementation, locating the blocks in areas, which will allow some vision of one block over another, also generating large intermediate spaces, giving the complex a special appeal in its interior.


The apartments are not identical, they are arranged establishing a classification according to the number of bedrooms available (1,2,3), originating eight apartment models. A wide variety of options to please and satisfy clients needs.


Diversity of volumes and shapes, facades with first-class materials, textures and chromatic ranges, harmonious residences, warm and full of light, spaces that flow between the interior and exterior inviting relaxation, rest and maximum enjoyment of a complex designed with unique spaces and in total harmony with nature.


GONZALEZ & JACOBSON ARCHITECTURE invites you to visit the promoter's website: Grupo Kronos

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