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This is about a single family home located on a plot in Casablanca, Morocco. In this case the architects have followed a contemporary line in their designs, making this home an expression of modernity and good taste.

The house is presented as a set of volumes that are grouped around a main volume and actor, noted for its height and elegant glass enclosure: the dining room. The different volumes, all binoculars and with sharp edges are treated in different ways, with different materials that provide varied textures. This system reinforces the idea of a single piece attached to a set.

The passage of the day hours and the sun’s path fulfills of movement the front of the house. Elongated and perfectly studied shadow planes endow to the elevations depth that gives the house a sculptural character.

Two pools at different heights organize the large garden surroundings of the residence. One empties its water in form of a cascade over the other. Two pools filled with different shadows. One acts as a mirror, with calm water and doubling in heights the volumes that are reflected in it. The other, with lots of movement, full of waves produced by the falling water.

This project adds to the long list of contemporary line of homes that have been designed by this firm of architecture in many countries like Mexico, Brazil, Norway, Spain or Morocco itself.

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This architectural firm located in Marbella, Malaga, has done many projects in a variety of countries. In this case we see the example of an office building in Tangier, Morocco. These architects are in constantly evolution and learning, demonstrated every day in their new proposals. This building with clear contemporary lines is part of a long list of works they have approached in the commercial sector.

The main piece is subdivided into large volumes that have been treated differently, trying to emphasize their individuality with respect to use and form, but also part of an overall picture.

The first volume consists of a large base of three story high brick wall. Shown strong and visually heavy. It acts as a great base for the rest of the building. There are located the headquarters office that can be seen through an elegant curved glass wall. On this first volume poses the rest of the complex, designed with a facade that breaks the piece into shaped trays, in between which, we see elegant sliding windows.

The composition of the building becomes to a set of parts posing one on another, on which the architects have added a number of characteristics by coating them with certain materials. The experience of this architectural study in large office buildings, guarantees the success in the operation of the proposed program and as well as in the formal image of the complex.

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