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Pozos Dulces in the downtown of Malaga

Pozos Dulces apartments in downtown Malaga


In this opportunity the architects in Malaga, Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture Studio have had the immense pleasure with Classic Living, developer and promoter of housing, to be part of an incredible project, the transformation of a spectacular warehouse, consisting of 4 premises, made of concrete and limestone, in a building for 11 spacious apartments, with ceilings of 4 meters high approximately, in the historic downtown of Malaga.


It is necessary to re-distribute and adapt the aforementioned premises for their transformation into dwellings. For this purpose, the space will be redistributed and the facilities will be modernized in order to improve and provide, for the new use, the necessary services for the development of the activity as housing.


The design, the result of our architectural study, of raising the different ideas and proposals for this space, derived in an urban and industrial style with an exceptional amplitude that offers many opportunities to adapt the apartment to the needs of each client. Each apartment is a home with unique design and spaces between 55-110 m2.


These apartments have a practically similar program of needs, varying only in the number of bedrooms in each apartment, with a maximum of 2 bedrooms, so they will have a living-dining room, which in some apartments will be living-dining room-kitchen, one or two bedrooms and one or two bathrooms depending on the bedrooms.


The complex is located in a very quiet area in the downtown of Malaga, immersed in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time close to the bustle of the city.

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