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Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture, present in the development of the real estate market in Marbella, Mijas, Estepona, Fuengirola… in short throughout all the Costa del Sol. Their participation in various architectural competitions and development of new contemporary architecture projects in the area is a reflection of this.


We present in this opportunity the preliminary design concept for LOMAS DEL FLAMENCO in Mijas, Malaga.


Through the study of the topography, the sunset and the predominant views, the criteria for the location of the buildings were established. Taking advantage of the maximum usable frontage, buildings of 8 apartments per floor were designed, in order to be able to exhaust the parameters of buildability and maximum units.


Likewise, two main platforms were generated on which the buildings will be located. The highest, at elevation +160 with predominant views to the northeast, Sierra de Mijas and Fuengirola Bay, the other is located at elevation +154 facing south (Sea). In the central area between these two alignments will be located the pool areas and children’s playgrounds.


On a plot of 20,751 m2, 2 building options (1,2) are proposed, following the parameters of maximum buildability and criteria of the team of architects of the González & Jacobson Architecture studio.


Option 1: composed of 228 apartments.

In this proposal the layout of the buildings follows the perimeter of the plots, adjusting to the topography and orienting the blocks to the predominant views and sunlight. The buildings follow a pattern of eight apartments per floor, in order to reduce the common areas and increase the number of units generating a more conventional apartment floor plan.

Option 2: consisting of 192 apartments.

In this version, although the platforms studied and analyzed in option 1 have been used, the variants introduced mainly refer to the typology of the distribution of each apartment. These are of a more contemporary layout with four apartments per floor in type A, with larger living rooms and large terraces.


The coatings and finishes, both external and internal of the apartments are top of the range and of excellent quality. Every aspect is taken into consideration, always thinking of the comfort, design and well-being of the people who live there.

Undoubtedly a complex of contemporary architecture of great attractions in the town of Mijas on the Costa del Sol.

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Concurso La Ladera Fuengirola




In this opportunity, Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture participates in Ideas concept competition for a large-scale building project at LADERA, Fuengirola, Malaga, for AEDAS HOMES Group, real estate developer.

Fuengirola is a city of deep Andalusia flavor, located on the Costa del Sol, Malaga, where many internationalities cohabit in a friendly atmosphere sharing traditions and costumes. It offers magnificent beaches, a wide range of services and infrastructures, golf courses, equestrian centers, leisure parks, shopping centers, hotel complexes and restaurants. Over the years, it has been a reference tourist site. Because of its charms and proximity to the city of Malaga, a town is booming and growing. Many real estate, developers are betting on it and start their new projects here.


The real estate planning project, is visionary and prestigious, proposed by the Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture studio in Fuengirola, is developed for a plot divided into two: the first (BAD) where 4 blocks are located with for 40 apartments; 10 apartments per block of approximately 160m2 each of 2,3 and 4 bedrooms and the second (BAE) with 7 blocks for a total of 76 apartments. For a maximum of 12 apartments per block and one with 9 of 2,3, and 4 bedrooms, where apartments are distributed different from each other.


La Ladera, in Fuengirola, is a multi-family housing project (116 apartments) characterized by a volumetric architectural composition of great movement. The rugged topography of the terrain and its unevenness has not been a coincidence in the positioning of the buildings. They have been planned in such a way that all the blocks in one way or another has sea views. This approach has also allowed the generation of ample green spaces interspersed between the buildings, giving the complex a spatial appeal in its interior.


Recreation areas and playgrounds, swimming pools, paddle tennis courts, parking spaces, basements and roads will join the residential complex, carefully distributed, always faithful to the aesthetic and contemporary character that defines the promotion.


The proposal tries to reinterpret the Mediterranean Town, linking the modern with the traditional, always maintaining the essence of the exposed design.


Facades will be finished with materials that guarantee their resistance and durability against atmospheric agents and the passage of time. Materials of different textures and chromatic ranges will reflect the spirit that permeates the whole. Inside the apartments, materials of the latest trends create unique environments, textures and tonalities recreate exquisite spaces where a wonderful atmosphere evoke the experience of living in modernity without losing comfort. There is nothing left to randomness everything is planned and studied to the detail.


Nature is always present, an element that Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture team has in mind and considers in all its projects. They emphasize the landscape with the use of stones, wood and / or water that appears in different corners of the urbanization completing the sensor experience. Their knowledge and right election about the different plants, bushes, etc., according to the type of garden to be realized, makes part of their experience in designing and building projects around the world and especially on the Costa del Sol, Malaga.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 40,000 M².

The total constructed area is of 14,400 M² above ground and 4,100 M² in the basement for parking and storage.

The design comprises a complex of a total of 104 apartments spread over 8 apartment blocks of various sizes and a pool area in the central area all open directly to the clubhouse and golf course.

Valderrama is equivalent to luxury and distinction and the project transfers this archetype in an complex of apartments that qualifies in disengaged grouped buildings grouped around an exclusive common area with compact physiognomy, regular, solemn aspect, whose central facade is split from a central diaphanous and very expressive distributive. The desire to obtain a suitable architecture to the place is justified not only by the spatial characteristics but also by the particularities of their users.



Valderrama Golf in Cadiz, Spain is a very studied Building Complex either for its individuality or as a whole. The success of this complex consists in the urbanism job from where it started.

The architects have developed all an urban project with visual studies of the sunning for the optimal location of the structures, complete and empty over the plan to share an excellent distribution of road and foot access .

Special care is taken to the circulation. Road access stays hidden behind the vegetation and around the complex so it doesn’t get seen from the common and recreation areas. In this way it achieves tranquility and better quality in the green and pool spaces.

Considering to the blocks, we can say that the facades are treated differently depending on their orientation. Sorted and different sized holes appear symmetrically in each facade. The ceramic tile pitched roof reach us to mark out in some cases up to three levels, producing a very studied visual compensation in the building. Above the main entrance, a large glass wall divides the sum by two, leaving intuit the free interior space. This image allows us to easily read the inner workings of the building, provided by an honest architecture.

These architects in Cadiz have worked on many projects with similar requirements and have always been able to respond to the needs of its customers with smart architectural solutions adapted to different cultures in different countries. Spain, Mexico, Angola, Brazil and Morocco are some of them.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 23,156 M².

The floor area is of 8174 M² above ground and 16,100 M² in the basement.

The Project is composed of 10 blocks of different sizes with a total of 200 apartments, 2 pool areas and parking in basement.

The optimal spatial distribution of the area creates the best conditions, necessary for the vitality of the whole complex. In Punta del Faro every detail has been studied thoroughly, every corner taken in order to maximize the potential of the project and provide the best possible context.

A convincing argument on the combination of open and constructed spaces, the most suitable nesting and targeting of the complex towards the angles making the design viable and adjusted to the environment.



Punta Faro is an excellent example of collective single family home architecture in the town of Torrox in Malaga.

The urban plan is approached and designed to protect the common areas of the views and outside noise by placing part of the homes on the perimeter of the block. Besides these common areas of vegetation , winding pools are divided into two areas to provide equal services to all properties. The buildings have different dimensions , adapting each one the land it occupies.

Despite the different dimensions of each block it maintains a common design line. Large windows and balconies make a very neat and symmetrical facade . The buildings are finished with a hipped roof of ceramic tiles in which sloping windows and slender chimneys loom.

This project is all developed down to the smallest detail. From the cutting of the flooring in the common areas until the design of the railing of the balcony. The success of the work of these architectural design firm in Malaga lies in the effort devoted to work closely at all scales , to improve the design from the urban to the human scale. The sum of an very elaborated development in each area shows the results in these excellent developments apparently simple but so complex at once.

Many collective single family housing complex were and are designed by this architects in along the Costa del Sol in Malaga and always with positive results.

It is a very distinctive type of construction in southern Spain perfectly mastered by these architects in Malaga.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 10.111.38 M².

The total computable build area of 6410 M² is above ground and basement 2.472M2.

For this project are posed several design parameters that must be taken into account during all phases of the project. These are:

  • .- Creation of the Main entrance portal of the complex and access to development, to give private image and character to the community.
  • .- Creation of green areas to have a visual and sound barrier between the road corridor and the buildings of the complex.
  • .- The creation of a private road to parking areas and supplement with additional parking.
  • .- Avoid displaying full road from the social areas of housing.
  • .- Take advantage of the topography to provide movements to the buildings and place them at the same time so do not bother visually.
  • .- Concentrate service areas (pools) for better utilization and maintenance.



All parameters mentioned are coordinated by this architects in Mexico and other professionals in order to make the housing complex function in a proper way and can enhance all the virtues it possesses.

It is a project designed for a land in Mexico. Thanks to the versatility of Gonzalez & Jacobson and their experience in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Angola, Bulgary, etc., they have the necessary skills to translate their architecture and adapt it to each culture without losing the identity of their work.

In this urbanization are planned six story blocks that are designed on the first floor as a basement, clad in stone to give a greater sense of massiveness. From this base on, the block acquires a white color, with large windows that do not follow a particular order, but keep a right proportion. In certain floors appear balconies as gazebo with wooden lattice terminations. The buildings top are covered with an inclined topping of ceramic tiles in some cases and in others with a flat cover.

None element appears as protagonist. It is the sum of all that makes the rebels full of movement, with a nice play of lights and shadows motivated by incoming and outgoing volumes of the facade.

The location, position of the blocks was determinate in order not to cover the view of any of the buildings and to maintain a similar orientation between them so that everyone has an equal chance of getting the sunshine. The Large common areas are located near the main shaft for greater and better accessibility.

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The land on which it is built has an area of 35,609 M².

The floor area is 14,243 M² above ground and 3,200 M² in the basement for parking and storage.

The whole project is composed of 11 blocks with a total of 132 apartments and 2 swimming pool areas.

Constant innovation in architecture reflects its vitality and endless creativity of the authors. This draft Cala de Mijas buildings reveals the meaning of evolution in the path of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architects. A commitment to aesthetic renovation of facades and openings, improvements in lighting and air conditioning. But maintenance of essential concepts such as a well-developed practical sense and the principle of perfection, inexcusable aime for those who built for the enjoyment of others.



As in all projects undertaken by these architects in MIjas, positioning them on the ground is the starting key point for the design. In the provided graphical documentation is shown a great interest for the orientation with respect to sunlight , the direction of view etc.

The different elevations of the plot are taken into account by the designers for some homes not to disturb the view of the other . Each home will be eligible for a quality distant view. All these factors also influence the project to be sustainable, taking advantage of a greater number of solar hours in the most frequency rooms of the apartments.

Another area of study is the situation of the main shaft, which later will give rise to the main path and generator of this project. This element helps to place the housing blocks and common areas. Two large pool areas are located close to this path, but keeping a certain intimacy.

These architects in Mijas have an extensive experience in construction on all Costa del Sol, work details both in large and small scale. Just as the place itself is a long study, the distributions of the apartments is also a reason to consider.

On one hand an elegant vertical distribution and on the other the idea of getting a flexible housing complex that can adapt to the claims and necessities of each person. The ability to master either one or the other scale is what makes their projects a big answers to the presented needs.

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The land on which we operate has a surface of 2,200 M².

The total constructed area is 4,500 M² above ground and 1,200 M² in basements for parking and storage.

We designed a building comprising a total of 35 apartments spread over a block, closed with a central courtyard and a pool area in the southern area of the plot.

The building Noray is designed to live and enjoy the scenery, light and shade. The spacious terraces, weightless, interrupt the monotony of the block to open in outgoing technical alacrity and beautifully crafted, to look out easily to the wonderful sea view. The abundance of large windows helps lighten the structure in addition to show its outside vocation.



This project of collective housing, located in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara is the addition of a functional and aesthetic design at the same time. Its main façade shows a clear hierarchy and order in balconies position.

In the central part, in the three first levels, the architects in Marbella placed long lightly, curved and opaque balconies, flanked by terraces with glass railings that emphasize more the tray effect and minimizes the visual weight. That is how planners have reached to turn over the weight into the center of the façade making it lighter while we get near the corners.

The entire building perimeter is built with terraces, in coherence with the culture of light and the coast climate.

The experience of these architects as professionals in Marbella and all Costa del Sol brings them to wring out the virtues of the area, drawing benefit from the climate conditions with their architecture.

About the housing design, it is a very well structured project in one level. An interior patio with big dimensions brings light and ventilation to the vertical communication nucleus (elevators and stairs), and the main areas of the house (dining room, living room and principal bed rooms) open always to the façade, accompanied from a vast terrace that extends space.

It is a very logical structure with much studied traverse that gives grate functionality to the complex. The complexity of the development of the project has been reaching a simple, compact and functional solution.

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The land on which we operated had an area of 19,046 M².

The floor area is 7299 M² above ground and 2,900 M² in the basement for parking and storage..

The whole project is composed of 5 buildings with a total of 72 apartments and a pool area, in URB. LA CALA GOLF. MIJAS, MALAGA.

Constant innovation in architecture reflects its vitality and endless creativity of the authors. This draft of Cala de Mijas buildings reveals the meaning of evolution in the path of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture. A commitment to aesthetic renovation of facades and openings, improvements in lighting and air conditioning. But the maintenance of essential concepts such as a developed practical sense and the principle of perfection, inexcusable aime for those who built for the enjoyment of others.



The plot of the A4 Cala Golf Mijas is a collective housing project located on a hill in the municipality of Malaga and consists of a set of 5 blocks with a total of 72 apartments.

The distribution of these blocks is done linearly, opening at the end to surround a recreational area with swimming pools. The positioning of this construction is an essential part of the idea, since it allows to be surrounded by high green vegetation that acts as barrier to the outside while lower and less dense vegetation between the blocks.

The percentage of communal green area is really high and the great outdoors are intelligently distributed across the plot. In addition, this plot has different levels and blocks are in different trays, making open spaces much more attractive.

The urbanism studio thought that the slopes of the boundaries of the plot should be repopulating with native vegetation to achieve greater integration of the project into the place. One of the premises of the studio at the time of building is always respect the environment.

This architects in Malaga have developed very contemporary facades. The palette of colors used are very own of the Costa del Sol , with a clear predominance of white in contrast to ceramic tile , glass and wood . Each volume displayed on the facade has been treated with a material, maintaining a coherence that enriches the facades. These volumes fly one over each other, throwing shadows that produce a changing effect as the hour of the day pass.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 6,000 M².

The floor area is of 4,500 M2 and 1,700 M² in the basement for parking and storage.

Perched on a hill and opening to the golf course, participates as a sports entertainment platform, overlooking the Green. Sublimating expressive exterior, with a role of great contrasts, resounding yet gentle, close, satisfying the peculiar needs of those who enjoy a hobby, but also want to have the best, functional and sensory qualities in their home.



The building Vista Golf is a residential project with a compact aspect. The location of this project is privileged, seated on top of a hill with stunning views over the golf course in Marbella. The height position conveys a sense of ownership of the place, an appropriation of the environment.

The facades are composed of numerous balconies that give the facade a great depth . This causes a changing play of light and shadows throughout the day. In the façade facing the golf course, we find between the balconies hexagonal pieces that act like tiny viewpoints.

The four-storey block completes with an incline roof, covered with ceramic tiles pierced in various points by fireplaces. This design gives you a picture set in the very typical buildings of the area. It’s a cool architecture carried out with traditional materials and related to the enclave.

This is the commitment of the designers when tackling a new assignment: understanding the environment, the tradition and culture, and with all that present the best of the answers. They have the ability to adapt to different environments, shown with projects in Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

This building is one of many projects designed by these architects in Marbella, and demonstrate the skills they have acquired over the years to understand the architecture of the area. It is a very distinctive setting of the Costa del Sol, near the Mediterranean Sea , on a golf course.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 3430 M².

The total constructed area is of 9290 M² above ground and 2,200 M² in basements for parking and storage.

The building comprising has a total of 99 apartments spread over an block shaped area with central courtyard and a green and pool area and in the southern zone of the plot which integrates the building.

The desire to achieve integration of nature and architecture is a concept taken to its limits by the organisms. In Vergeles del Mar nature breaks through the middle of the basements building and shares its intimacy with the privacy of its owners. The climatic advantages of the project, the benefits of gaining common areas and the belief of living in a privileged and unique place, are confirmed by the spectacle of the deck, the imposing facade and quality in design.



We are facing a very unique project of collective housing in Almeria. The Almeria Achitects have designed a building shaped like a cube that is pierced from side to side by a green area. Around this gesture turns the entire project. In the interior of the cube, they have created a garden with different types of vegetation which play with the boundaries of the public and private.

An indoor garden through were part of the housing can breathe as well as the vertical communication cores. In the final part of this green area, already in the outside part, is placed the community pool. In the outer faces of this perforated prism, architects have proposed facades with a modulated form in its entire extension, aligning all windows and joints with the coating material. It’s a facade that shows simple and further emphasizes the idea of a cube residential complex.

At the corners of the cube, edges in this case , some balconies are positioned with glass railing that appear as singular elements , as they are the only parts that protrude from the plane of the facade. All housing blocks are topped with a glass balustrade along the entire perimeter of the upper terrace. In contrast with these prismatic shapes, designers have proposed a slightly concave curve deck supported on a cover glass.

All these original solutions, at the time we face the compact image of group dwellings, bringing greenery into the block among others, are the result of the experience of these architects on the Costa del Sol, especially in Almeria.

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