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The land on which we operate has a surface of 2,235 M².

The total constructed area of buildable computable purposes is of 7,850 M² above ground and 929 M² in the basement.

The project is composed entirely of ten townhouses divided into two modules or groups of six and four units per module: Module 1 (with 6 units) and Module 2 (4 units), for a better use of the parcel and to comply with maximum building length allowed.

It should be noted that the houses are planned in stages in order to adapt to a natural steep terrain that the plot presents, assigning the area west of the land to place the pool area taking advantage of an existing natural plateau.

Artola is a project that encapsulates and articulates concepts realities. The houses are small in size and at the same time complex in design. Starting from a difficult plot, the architects have formed a unit, homogeneous in style and friendly approach, which provides a degree of quiet beauty, open social relations and sensory suggestions.



This set of single family townhouses in Malaga is a good example of how an intricate exercise of adaptation to the terrain and a plot with a unique shape, can result in an image of simplicity and harmony. The difficulty of the project is the staggering of houses and that this does not interfere with the compositional play of the rebels. The architects have been around the problem, putting it in its favor, using the changes in elevation so that the end result is much more attractive.

Making use of the slopes, the designers have made ​​houses very similar in the interiors, but different on the outside expressions. Some homes have pitched ceramic tile roof and others flat roof with hanging vegetation. The corner homes, are a little more particular, they seem to grip the ground and hold the other houses.

The planning of the plot is a very important point and it is worth noting because from it, depends the proper functioning of the complex. There have been built two sets of 6 and 4 townhouses in the western and northern perimeter, thus living free space in the interior of the plot, which is now protected from the street. Now this common garden and pool area will gain tranquility and privacy by sound insulation and be protected from strangers gaze to the complex. This system is the starting point for the design of the entire project and will allow the community to work properly.

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The land on which we operate has a surface of 20,200 M². The total constructed area is of 7,000 M² above ground and 4,300 M² in the basement for parking and storage.

The design comprises a total of 32 townhouses divided into 9 modules of different dimensions. Four of them share a pool area and common bathrooms located in the central area of the plot, while the others have a small private swimming pool of the house.

The staging of a townhouse complex in a privileged location with superb views, shows the arrangement to achieve the best aesthetic effect. Las Colinas del Golf offers a beautiful presence and also a great constructive response. It is an ordered, accessible and simple complex in its arguments but laborious to materialize, with an internal distribution that maximizes its potential.

The large sloping roofs, the big closed windows and the articulation of the facade are a declaration of principles.



These project of townhouses and pool area “Las Colinas del Golf” is located in Mijas, Málaga. Consist in a series of homes displayed in small a groups that rest softly on the land adapting to the unevenness of the terrain. This system gives to the complex a very lively and attractive image, extolling the shape of the hill which gives its name to the project.

The houses are oriented to the golf course and have enviable views, not only because of the surroundings, but also for its high position. Also the positions of the structures in the plot are strategically chosen by architects for a no interruption of the from one to the other. The set transmits an image of traditional construction of the Costa del Sol, finished in white, large holes in the facade and balconies with elegant sloping roof planes made with ceramic tile. These coverings are crossed by beautiful chimneys and dormer windows.

Designers have raised a common garden and pool area, equally accessible from all surrounding homes, but also should be noted that other houses have each a small private pool.

The interior finishes are excellent and endow the homes of quality and comfort, characteristics that the designs of the studio of architecture at the Costa del Sol always keep. This project with such outstanding townhouses in Mijas, Málaga serve as an example of the path that maintain these architects.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 4021 M². The total constructed area is of 1808 M² above ground and 729 M² below ground for parking and storage.

The design comprises a total of 16 townhouses on the golf course and pool area wiyh common bathrooms located in the central area of the plot.

These townhouses in Mijas, to supply and reach the aesthetic and functional demands of the housing market have fulfilled perspectives and specific requirements.The houses are highly compositioned within a successful small distribution of spaces. Nothing has been left to chance because common sense has set the trace and its representation.



La Cala Golf urbanization in Mijas, Malaga, is a highly detailed and thoroughly studied architectural project of collective single family homes.

A project of 16 townhouses that were adapted to uneven land and environmental characteristics. A design in which urban strategy is fundamental. As part of a complex, homes should not lose their privacy and so spanish architects consider it very essential.

Houses maintain a common design line but each is different from the other, by the fact they have to adapt to the terrain and respect the privacy of buildings nearby. Architects present them in detached groups of maximum four homes.

They are designed with parking in the basement, living room and kitchen in ground floor, bedrooms upstairs and a sun deck at the rooftop. A simple configuration that works perfectly in this kind of housing. A common outdoor space serves all homes.

The spanish architects have designed different options for the composition of the elevations . One more open to outward, the other with more curved volumes and a third with more rectilinear volumes. The final proposal could be an alternation of the different options to give an image of more elaborate and attractive complex. Each house would have the same benefits as the other but shows different from the outside. With the coating materials happens the same: different options are proposed playing with stone, glass and wood.

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The land on which we operate has an area of 10,480 M². The total constructed area is 2879 M² above ground.

The design comprises a total of 13 townhouses on the golf course and swimming pool in each one of them.

The combinations in the composition of the townhouses are numerous, subject to various factors that shape their uniqueness. These houses of Santana Golf determine its size and layout to the shape of the plot and the requirements of its promoter. The architects, in addition to adapt to the offer,they bring their skills in creating a distinguished work, notable in the design and execution, an example of the peculiarities that translate into great work.



Santana Golf Urbanization is a single family Housing project of very particular semidetached townhouses. Starting with the location and the difficulty to place these 13 homes in this enclave and to get the best privacy for each one .

All homes are designed keeping common lines, but they are all different , adapting to the shape of the plots and their slopes. The fact that each semidetached house counts with a small pool and a private garden, adds complexity to the design. The Spanish architects have positioned the buildings orienting south the gardens and pools of each home for maximum use of solar hours . The parking lots are oriented to the north and protected with a stylish pergola that precedes the main entrance.

The composition of the facades is really attractive . An interesting game of incoming and outgoing volumes, adds deepness to the plan that changes over day hours , throwing elongated shadows. Large windows enhance the relationship of interior spaces with the exterior ones. The house opens to the garden from different sides.

These Spanish architects have done many similar projects of single family homes with the ability to always adapt to the requirements of the promoter while still in their works represent their ideas and concepts of architecture.

The experience of working along the Costa del Sol and in other countries such as Spain, Morocco , Brazil, Mexico , Angola and Norway has contributed to enrich their projects.

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