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The 24 villas that make up The Residences have been basically designed in 4 different typologies, with some variants, depending on the slope of the land to which they have to adapt.The program of requirements is very similar and is developed on two levels. Some homes, the fewest, having a basement or second level.

As for the interior distribution, the level for the daytime uses -living room, dining room and kitchen- in houses , is planned to be diaphanous, with little compartmentalization and extended to the exterior through the porches. The bedroom level has 3 or 4 bedrooms, depending on the type of house. The master bedroom always has an en suite bathroom and dressing room.

The built surface areas range from 240 m2 to 420 m2 (the largest in those units with a basement), to which must be added the large porches, with an average of 68 m2 per villa, and open terraces and pergolas.












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