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Gimma Consulting

Gimma Consulting


GIMMA CONSULTING is exerting its activity within the field of construction, design and real estate market since 1993.

Due to market requirements, the emergence of new and complicated PROBLEMS in the works of recent construction and compliance new regulatory OBLIGATION standards in these areas, Gimma decided to reinforce its services to meet these ..

The extensive experience backed by years of work, and the incorporation of new professionals linked to the sector and forming a multidisciplinary team consisting of Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Judicial Experts, Lawyers, etc. will allow these services to offer the highest quality and experience.






Apply this type of work to construction problems and Pathologies appearing on buildings, explanation and evaluation of technical documents, administrative arrangements, etc … Developed by experts in the field and in relation to the construction sector and housing market. All papers will be subjected to processes of approval by the Professional Associations ensuring the professionalism and skills in assessing the data analyzed.

Gimma Consulting
Gimma Consulting


La I.T.E. Created with the aim of facilitating the obligation of corresponding conservation that owners of buildings and constructions have towards their properties. This is a technical inspection of buildings to determine their conservation status, conditions of stability, security, sealing, consolidation and livability. This service is provided by Architects and Technical Architects and shall be certified by the relevant professional association.


Consist in the management and coordination of all work and actions necessary for the realization of a complete draft of architecture and urbanism. Additionally, we will give a complete response from the moment of contracting the project until the instant of total satisfaction, it means ,until the project is delivered completely to the customer.


Gimma Consulting
Gimma Consulting


Arbitration of a party or judicial arbitration on the technical and real estate and urban valuation according to the law LEC 2,000 and the L.S. 2 / 2008.

Commercial and patrimonial valuations, separations of joint property societies, inheritance, property value before it goes on sale, Contributions to non-cash capital, corporate disposals partition … Ratings and Urban Management services: obtaining market research typologies for assessment values of real estate assets (buildings, land, lots, parks, property, government concessions, etc..), Damage assessment of real property claims, cost estimates for rehabilitation of buildings, landmark buildings valuation, arbitration in disputes, valuations of city plannings, advice …

These works will be developed by experts, legal experts and expert appraisers in city planning and construction.


Revision and control of homes and other buildings prior to its official release (Building Construction).

Gimma Consulting
Gimma Consulting


Provide technical advisory services to developers, builders and agents related to real estate for the proper development of a project or technical issues. They range from technical consulting services, direction and realization of technical and economic feasibility of projects.

Technical consulting, management and monitoring of administrative permitting agencies, recruitment consultancy work, financial advice in managing real estate investment loans, advice, complementary to the Project Management, Construction Final Documentation for sales contracts, monitoring and work control, conservation and maintenance of buildings and preparation of technical projects necessary to do so, city planning advice, description for horizontal divisions…


Management Safety and Health at work (on projects). Security Studies, Health and Safety Coordination, Document Management and Construction Management.

Gimma Consulting
Gimma Consulting


We take charge of the study, research and analysis of the properties in order to make reports in which will be contemplate the qualification, development and market assessment and established the tools necessary for the purposes of compensation, proposed agreements, swaps, viability of projects, etc … Properties research will be collected in public and private powers, which have attributions in city planning matters (Cadaster, Self-Government, Delegation Costs, Town Hall, Land Registry, etc..) In order to know exactly the physical, legal and registration situation of the properties.

We value the soil of any property for the purpose of expropriation or participation in compensation or land subdivision projects. Likewise, we value any land with its building for the purpose of acquisition or sale.