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BREATHE an oasis with the seal of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture.

You hear it everywhere. Today Breathe is a reference site in Marbella and a must-book. A place that does not go unnoticed. The  studio of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture, firm established in Marbella and with extensive experience, was chosen to capture and interpret the idea of its creators. The final result was definitely a success and achievement. A sample of professionalism and commitment to the challenges and design. A great pleasure for our team to be part of this interpretation and pleasure for the senses.

“Eating in a fine dining restaurant that cares for and respects the environment, which generates its own energy and raw materials is possible in Breathe. A pioneering multi-space on the Costa del Sol that connects with nature, cuisine and the best design.”

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Reserva Obligada (Must Visit)

Breathe, the gastronomic oasis in Marbella that respects the environment.

They are self-sufficient in energy and raw materials.

By: Lucía Díaz Madurga –  Tapas Magazine.es

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BREATHE a project with the seal of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architects

Breathe considered the most it restaurant of the moment according to an article in Esquire magazine. Inaugurated not long ago it is giving that to speak. The joint work has given its results and it is being a great success. A project with the design seal of Gonzalez & Jacobson Architecture in Marbella.

Be sure to visit it this fall and enter the world of senses.

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